When is The Best Time to Get Pregnant

When is The Best Time to Get Pregnant

When is The Best Time to Get Pregnant

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First, the egg (or eggs) were released from the ovary, uterine tube that passes through the mouth of the horn Falopi, fertilization occurs and the egg begins to divide. The egg is implanted in the uterus wall ... It is believed that at the moment of conception, because if the fertilized egg is not implemented in the lining of the uterus and eggs are released during the normal menstrual bleeding.

During ovulation, a woman's body begins to produce slightly greater amounts of hormone progesterone. This hormone is responsible to feed the baby until the placenta is formed and took over the task. Eggs for about 12 hours to be fertilized before it dries. If a fertilized at this time progesterone levels are still rising, the wall of the uterus and continue to be formed.

To help you understand more about the process of pregnancy and thus increase the chances of conceiving the disintegration of women menstrual cycle;

The cycle begins the first day of the first day of menstrual period. In general, for five days or less.

The following is about 5 days, known as "dry days (6-11) You and your fertile period., Your body is more than ready to start the eggs.

We are most fertile period. The body usually produces eggs between 12 and 18 days. Making love with your partner every two days during this period has to pay high probability of pregnancy signs.

19 to 28 people in the last days of the cycle, not fertile days, so it is very likely to carry the pregnancy.

Some women have cycles per day or 28 and some women have irregular cycles. The time from ovulation to the first day of the next cycle phase called yellow body. That's almost all women have a very regular basis. This is one of the few days each month (usually 14 years, although some women might be between 12 and 18). So, if you regularly, occasionally, part of the period coincides with the day is called "dry" if you know that ovulation, you can be sure to come true during later stages of yellow body.


Most women know when ovulation, but can be seen. There are small signs that you may have to look;
Mild abdominal pain, usually around the ovaries and ovulation can be seen as an incentive sarcastic. This feeling is probably the result of blood or fluid in the follicle ruptures.
Another sign is a thinning of vaginal mucosa, allowing sperm to move freely through it, unlike the thick mucus that sometimes cause infertility.
Signal that the vaginal temperature measured each day is determined by the method to observed increase in temperature during ovulation.

The best time to love like ovulation occurs, or, even better, if that is unavoidable. If you see a cycle of several months with some of the above, hopefully in time to see if ovulation and therefore love to increase the chances of pregnancy. There are better days to get pregnant? When is the best time to become pregnant during the reproductive cycle?

The best day to conceive is during ovulation. To better understand what is the best time to get pregnant, here is the proposal related to pregnancy:

1st Know your most fertile time - generally, ovulation occurs about 14 days before menstruation begins. This means that if your menstrual cycle lasts 28 days, which could date # 14 of the most fertile days (number 1 on the first day, when I started the last menstrual period). If this 30-day cycle, day # 16 May it was time to go for it. 32-day cycle is day # 18, one of the best days to conceive.

2nd Tracking basal body temperature - low-cost basic thermometer can be purchased and used for paving the area of high body temperature upon awakening each day as a sign that the best time to get pregnant. The main increase in temperature can be only one-tenth more or less, but basal thermometer can detect very small changes in temperature.

3rd Stai tuned for cervical mucus - ovulation causes a change in appearance and consistency of cervical mucus. With the establishment of every day you can see "egg-like vaginal discharge, indicating that the best days of ovulation pregnant.

Fourth. Get and read good books fertility - Learn everything you can about fertility, pregnancy, pregnancy and healthy baby.

5th Use the kit to predict ovulation - it is an inexpensive accessory to predict ovulation in advance, so I know exactly when the best time to get pregnant. This test is very accurate to detect increase in luteinizing hormone which usually occurs in women 24-48 hours before ovulation.

The decision to pregnancy and childbirth can be interesting rearding. Although this time is often unpredictable, the decision now can certainly affect your health and your child. Improving health, including pregnancy, the baby will be healthy.

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