Why anti aging creams do not work

Why anti aging creams do not work

With literally thousands of anti aging creams and wrinkle serum on the market today, professing to reduce wrinkles, there is no doubt that most of them do not work. There are a handful of ingredients that you should be aware of that are included in some of these fly by night wrinkle lotion that do not perform as specified.

Some will say that the reason some of these wrinkle serum do not work is that they contain harsh chemicals that can lead to blemishes, red skin and burning. they remove layers of skin and count on the new skin to provide the youthful look you are trying to achieve. They should use more natural ingredients, but because they are motivated by profit, it is cheaper to make something of chemicals rather than natural ingredients.

Once you have an idea what to look for and what to watch out for, you can avoid the products that will more than likely not work on your skin. Oils, Paraffin wax and Petrolatum. Para bens, methyl and propyl. Triclosan and many fragrances that will contain many chemicals.

You have to watch putting any of these ingredients on your skin, because your skin, to a certain degree, will absorb what is put on the skin directly into the blood stream. Why are these materials used? Because they are cheap and the effect mimics what can be considered a formula that can reduce wrinkles. When in actuality, it is just a temporary salve.

A really good wrinkle serum or anti aging facial cream or wrinkle lotion should be safe enough to eat. you would know that there is nothing in there that can effect you or your skin negatively.

A good anti aging facial cream will also get to the to or of your wrinkle problem and actually fix it. Collagen is the key to the elasticity of our skin, so anything that will aid in the creation of additional collagen or repair it, is a good wrinkle lotion to test.

Natural ingratiates like plant extracts, vitamins and enzymes will result in a softer and smoother skin. Edelweiss extract, vitamin E and halyuronic acids, grape seed, jojoba and avocado oils are some of the beneficial natural ingredients to look for.

It is best to take your time. Spend a little money and test a number of wrinkle serum to find the one or the set of wrinkle lotion that work best on your skin and remember to stay away from chemically based anti aging eye cream.