Why does Garcinia Cambogia Extract Work so well? Scientific Explanation

Why does Garcinia Cambogia Extract Work so well? Scientific Explanation

Garcinia Cambogia is an indigenous and famous fruit that is largely grown in India, Africa and Indonesia. Inhabitants of these countries discovered the real secrets of the fruit when they added the fruit into their different recipes. However, the most noted feature when the fruit is eaten is that, it makes an individual feel full; therefore, eliminates craving for food. Additionally, when the fruit is eaten in combination with other foods, it totally suppresses food appetite, hence helps in losing weight. Today, the fruit has been blended in several ways because it contains wonderful ingredients, which help in maintaining a healthy body and more importantly, eliminates depression, treatment of diabetes and reduction of weight in the long run.

Depression and stress reliever

It has been also found that the fruit extract can treat several illnesses like high LDL cholesterol and high triglyceride levels. This goes along with the effective treatment of depression. Depression treatment is only possible by eating the fruit because it increases the levels of serotonin especially in the brain. Additionally, sufficient serotonin within the brain helps to relieve a lot of depression that a person might be suffering. Also, good state of mind will be beneficial to the brain mental activity; therefore, a person is likely to have a good sleep and enhance the general moods in the long run. It should be noted that, without serotonin, the body is likely to experience a lot of chronic fatigue, loss of sleep and frequent depression. It is, therefore, good to include Garcinia Cambogia fruits or its supplements in the diet.

Weight Management

Several studies on Garcinia Cambogia extract reveal that when the fruit is eaten raw or in the form of supplements, it is beneficial especially for the obese patients in reducing a lot of weight within a short period. It has been observed that obese patients are very susceptible to diabetes. Garcinia Cambogia herb has a lot of properties that discourage the fat formation, reduce food consumption and increase the fat oxidation. Weight loss can help a lot in lowering the blood glucose levels, improve the blood-fat levels and lower the blood pressure if they are not within the desired range. Some health research institutions are advocating the consumption of the Garcinia fruit and its supplements in order to regulate the blood pressure and eventually reduce the cases of diabetes in a lifetime.

Diabetes treatment

Garcinia Cambogia extract, whose main ingredient is known as hydroxycitric acid, is a good supplement in improving the glucose metabolisms in the body. This is possible because it reduces or delays the absorption of intestinal glucose especially after meals. Several health journals have published studies indicating this benefit. Therefore, patients with diabetes are advised to consume Garcinia Cambogia fruits or the supplements in order to minimize the effects of diabetes disorder in their bodies.


Diabetic patients undertaking other medications or taking insulin for the diabetic conditions, they are advised to be careful while taking Garcinia Cambogia fruits or the supplements. This is given by the fact that it can result in a low blood-sugar levels but most patients are okay they just need to consult with their doctor first because every individual is different.