Yummy Chocolate Smoothie

Yummy Chocolate Smoothie

Smoothies For Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Smoothie
Chocolate Smoothie

Much healthier than a chocolate milkshake, and great way to satisfy your chocolate craving. Great snack or dessert for kids and adults alike.

Chocolate Smoothie Recipe:

- 1 frozen banana
- Add enough almond milk for desired consistency
- 2 T of carob powder – or your desired amount (you can use cocoa, but carob powder has less calories and more fiber, plus is naturally sweet).
- A couple stalks of Kale (you wont taste it, but it adds great nutrition, chlorophyll, and calcium) or use Spinach or Arugula.

Optional: 1 spoonful of Chlorella (read Chlorella Benefits). Test this out to see if it changes the color of your smoothie. Chlorella is dark green in color. A chocolate looking smoothie may be what most prefer to see, though nutrition wise, chlorella would be a great addition.

Try This!

To amp up the nutrition and make it a meal replacement, with more whole food nutrients, enzymes, fiber, protein and more, add 1 scoop of Chocolate Juice Plus Complete Meal. The Complete Meal powder can also be added to a glass of almond milk as a meal replacement.

With any smoothie, if you want to add coldness or thicken it up, add ice.

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